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Environment Modelling and Building Physics

Solutions for more comfortable and safer
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Modelling of Industrial Processes
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Specialized applications for the industry
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Software and IT
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Development of software applications and
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SoftSim Consult Ltd.

An interdisciplinary engineering company, SoftSim Consult Ltd. provides consultancy services in building physics, industrial processes modelling and customised software solutions development. By solving complex engineering tasks we provide unique solutions to our clients and customers.

The studies and analyses are based on computational fluid dynamics (CFD), bulk zone modelling, numerous analytical and empirical laws, as well as on methodologies, based on the best engineering practice.

The methods and work procedure are based on clear formulation and understanding of the tasks on physical and mathematical levels and with most appropriate methodologies and numerical approaches to provide best solutions covering all needs and requirements of the clients.

Building physics solutions are dedicated in assisting engineers, designers, planners and architects to enhance and optimise building performance and solve environmental problems using state of the art numerical simulations and studies. Our solutions are based on well validated and verified methodologies stated in ASHRAE, EuroCodes, CIBSE, BRE and other engineering guides and codes. Good engineering practice is the essential for the company policy.

With the help of numerical tools (commercial, freeware or in-house developed by SoftSim Consult) strive to provide the best and most effective solutions for the services offered to customers. Software applications in engineering practice of the company include: OpenFoam, FDS (Fire Dynamic Simulator), Radiance, Fluent, ContamW, CFAST, Rhino 3D, MS Excel and many others.

With custom software solutions are solved complex real world problems with simple, easy to use software solutions. Through in-depth understanding of the problem and the task comes complete design and development of custom software solutions for the clients.


Sergey Mijorski
Dr. eng. Sergey Mijorski, Director / Senior Environmnet Expert

Environmental analyst with extensive knowledge in all aspects of numerical modeling:

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).
  • Finite element method.
  • Solar ray tracing and glare (direct and indirect solar load analysis).
  • Bulk zone models (single and multi-zones modelling).
  • Analytical and theoretical analyzes.

Research and science publications in the field of numerical simulations are described here!

Continuous professional development associated with numerical simulations is described here!

Yassen Mijorski
Yassen Mijorski, CEO

Software engineer with extensive experience in building commercial applications, mobile applications, websites and web services.

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